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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you drill water wells during the winter?

    We drill and operate all year round. We offer lighter more compact rig with the same capabilities as a larger, heavier rig and can access difficult locations throughout the year. During spring break-up when road bans are applied, we obtain the necessary permits to travel on the weight restricted roads.

  • Does my water well driller need a special license to drill water wells in Alberta?

    In the province of Alberta a water well drilling company must have an approval license from Alberta Environment. To be eligible for an Alberta approval license a water well drilling company must have a journeyman water well driller on staff drilling and completing water wells to Alberta Environment standards.

  • I recently purchased land and do not know where to drill the water well, will you do an onsite recommendation?

    One of our journeyman water well drillers will meet at the property to discuss the appropriate placement of the well. At this free onsite consultation with a Black Dog Drilling professional, we will discuss with you the many factors to consider when deciding the best location for the well including development plans, provincial set back regulations, contamination sources, surface run-off and future access to the well for maintenance and repairs.

  • How deep will the well be and how much water can I expect?

    While there is no way to determine the final depth and production of your well until it is drilled and completed, we can still provide you with an estimation of the potential depth and what will be produced. Our experience, drilling knowledge and research of registered water wells in your area will be the best guideline of water depth and production expectations.

  • Do you install pumps and pressure systems?

    Yes we do. When you purchase your pump system from Black Dog Drilling we make certain it is properly sized to your well depth, production capacity and the rise and run between the water well and main building. Having your pump and pressure system properly sized to your water well will ensure you get the best production from your water well suited to your household needs. We can also install a pump system for temporary, seasonal use at your recreational property with zero maintenance and frost free use during winter months.

  • I need my water well tied-in and a septic field installed who should I call?


    We work closely with reputable, professional certified septic installers that operate with the same values and integrity we do. Contact us for your water well, septic service, well tie-in, basement excavation, power hook-up and road building needs. Our trusted relationships with fellow professionals offer complete development of your rural property.